Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Polish TBH: Circus

Hello my loyal readers. i want to apologize for my lack of posting lately. It seems like life has just gotten in the way of my blogging and even polishing my nails. I have just felt super tired lately after work and taking care of my 2 year old daughter my energy just seems spent. I am trying to get my polish mojo back.
A while back I ordered this polish on etsy. I believe it was on sale so I decided to give it a try. Polish TBH Circus is a milky blue base with subtle golden shimmer and red glitter. Now I need to say this about the formula. The glitter in this polish just did not want to stay suspended no matter what I tried. I used 4 coats after letting it sit upside down for a while. I also had to cap it and shake it after painting each nail.You can see for yourself how sparce the glitter is.

I swatched this some time ago. Thats why my nails are so long.
**I purchased this product with my own money for my own personal use