Friday, June 15, 2012

LA Colors Shock

Today is so sunny and nice out and I'm feeling like crap. I have this horrible migraine and am a little sleep deprived so bear with me. I have for you LA Colors Shock. Its a neon orange from their color craze collection. Boy is this a jelly. It was so sheer I used four coats and still had major VNL (visual nail line). Was I shocked? Yes but not in a good way. I looked at my nails and was like EWWWWW. I must admit I do like to color but next time I think I will layer it over white or a nude underwear.

4 coats of Shock with topcoat

I was tired of looking at my hands and looking at VNL so I threw some LA Colors Sassy Sparkle on top. Its not as bad now. Sassy Sparkle adds an almost golden shimmer on top of the orange.

4 coats of Shock, 1 coat of Sassy Sparkle and topcoat

Please excuse the crappy photo quality. I haven't gottn a new camera yet.

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