Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OP La Paz-itively Hot

Hey, how is everyone? I've been ok. I am in the midst of planning my baby's 3rd birthday party. We're doing a Halloween theme. It's gonna be so fun...Anyways, I was looking through my folder of unposted pics and came across one of my most favorite OPI's, La Paz-itively Hot.
 La Paz-itively Hot is a gorgeous blue toned pink with pinkish/purple shimmer that glows. It also has a fantastic formula that gave me no issues whatsoever. Please excuse the horrendous cuticles. Gah they look gross. These pics are older so I don't really remember what was going on with my hands.

**I purchased this polish myself.

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  1. Tengo una laca de uñas de OPI como esta, es preciosa


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