Thursday, March 21, 2013

Candied Lustre: Grape Essence & Jawbreaker

Hey lacquer lovers! How has everyone been. I feel like I have been so out of the NP loop. I have just been trying to recover from surgery to fix a torn ACL. Boy did I underestimate the fact that I was going to be in pain for quite some time. I have just started been able to get around a little more without being in too much pain. I'm hoping to get back to my normal life as soon as possible.
So since the sun came out for a little while yesterday I decided to do some swatching and get back into the groove of blogging.
About a month or 2 ago I recieved a couple of polishes to review from Bri of Candied Lacquer, Grape Essence, a purple with glitter & Jawbreaker, a multicolored glitter in a clear base.
And yes, she also sent me that super delicious lollipop that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed :)
Grape Essence is a purple based polish with a silvery holo glitter. The base has a little bit of a pearly finish that makes it look like pulled sugar or taffy. The first coat was a bit sheer and patchy. It wanted to drag a bit if I went over it more than once. Once the first coat dried the next 2 went on flawlessly and dried pretty quickly. It did dry a bit flat so i added a layer of topcoat which gave it shine and dimension.

Jawbreaker is a multicolored glitter topcoat. It has red, blue, green, purple & pink hex glitters in varying sizes. I layered/dabbed 2 coats over OPI My Boyfriend Scaled The Walls for the true "jawbreaker" know the giant balls of rock hard candy you got at the candy store that you were never quite able to eat all of. I really had no trouble with coverage and it dried pretty smooth but I did add one layer of topcoat for extra shine.

Candied Lustre is available on etsy for $7.25
**This product was sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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