Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hello beautiful people.  
With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought I might give an actual holiday mani a try. I don't usually post too many themed manis only because I feel I'm not that great at nail art. I was going through my vast stab I untried polishes and came across this gorgeous red creme/crelly by Wet-n-Wild called I Red A Good Book. I slapped that baby on and I loved it. I used 3 coats but 2 probably would have sufficed. It dries really shiny and quickly too. 
The next day I actually sat at my desk and played with my art supplies. After many an unsuccessful attempts at stamping I decided to freehand with my Nail Candy nail art pens. I drew some X's and O's on my thumb, middle and ring finger and  small hearts on pinky and pointer fingers. It's not the best or cleanest looking but I kind of like it. 

I just wish my topcoat didn't smear the white polish so much :(

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