Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LynB Designs: Time And Relative Dimension In Space, A Manicure for Autism

Today we wear blue for National Autism Awareness Day. I dedicate this manicure to those who are afflicted with autism and their families and friends. I couldn't choose a more beautiful blue to wear than Time And Relative Dimension In Space by LynB Designs. I bought this a few months ago on etsy and had today as the perfecr opportunity to rock it on my nails. Its a gorgeous deep navy blue jelly with lighter blue glitter that makes it absolutely glow. It also had the most amazing formula. It was so opaque I only needed 2 coats and thats amazing for a jelly finish. Its exactly what I think of deep space. Words can only say so much...see for yourselves!

LynB Designs
Time And Relative Dimension In Space
2 coats with topcoat

Amazing isn't it?

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