Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Late Easter Mani

Happy Sunday everyone. I wanted to post the mani I wore on Easter but it seems I never did. I guess better late than never. Here are a few pics.


This was my first attempt at using my dotting tools that I bought months ago and have sat in my desk drawer since. I hope I did a good enough job. My base color is Anise Hint of Heaven and on my accent finger is Julep Claire. For the dots I used Wet & Wild Candy-licious (pink), Wet & Wild On A Trip (purple), Julep Blake (yellow) and Anise Chill Mood (green). I used the new topcoat from Julep and I must say that my mani was ready to go in 5 minutes. The downside is that even though I waited a while for the polish to dry a little before applying topcoat, it still made my dots bleed a little :(
Its not bad enough to stop me from using it...or buying another.
**All of the polishes in this post were either purchased by me or a gift from a family member.

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