Wednesday, September 11, 2013

China Glaze Holographics Not In This Galaxy

Oh boy have I been sick! Ugh since Saturday I've had this horrible cough that makes me sound like a seal with all the yucky phlegm coming up. TMI? Sorry folks...
Well Saturday we ended up going to a fair even though I didn't feel well I had a pretty good time. My nails looked fabulous too what with all the sun we were blessed with that day. I had China Glaze Not In This Galaxy on, a rosy pink holo. 

The holo is not very strong but it still came out to play under my desk lamp. I wish I took pics of this on Saturday when the sun was out. 

The formula was not the greatest but it was easier than I thought it would be to manage considering what I've read on the blogosphere about these holos by China Glaze. I did use Poshe basecoat for peeling nails and let it dry completely before applying my first coat. It did want to drag but I used a light hand and let it dry completely again before adding my second and third which went on without any issues. 

This polish dried amazingly fast which was awesome since I did my nails right before bed. I did not use topcoat. 

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