Thursday, September 19, 2013

E.L.F. Dark Navy

Good day everyone! Thank God this week is almost over. My almost 3 year old started school on Monday and she fights me every morning not to go! I hope  it gets better. I'm tired, lol. 
Today I am wearing an E.L.F polish called  Dark Navy. It is well...dark navy blue with a blue shimmer that likes to hide in most lighting. 

This is one if those so dark polishes that looks black a lot of the time.  I got this in a 4 pack at Burlington Coat Factory about a year ago for $4.99. 
The formula was a but thick for my liking but is so opaque it could have easily been a one coater with a more careful application. I applied my first coat then added some thinner to the bottle for my second coat then topped it off with NYC quick dry top coat. 

I'm not entirely sure I like this color. Maybe if the shimmer popped a little more so it didn't just look black. 

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