Monday, July 16, 2012

Angel Dreamz

Hey guys! Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was ok. I didn't do much but I think it's better than coming back to work tired from a busy weekend. I got my Transdesign order in last week and I wanted to try out one of the polishes I got so I grabbed New York Weekend Angel Dreams which is a pastel pink and blue hex glitter suspended and a clear base filled with fine silver microglitter. The hex glitter had a holographic quality to it in the correct lighting. The polish itself would never be opaque so I decided to layer it over OPI Skull & Glossbones. The hex glitter was a serious PITA trying to get out the bottle onto my finger tips. I did 2 coats with some dabbing and was able to get minimal coverage. After that I sort of gave up but I did like the outcome.

All the glitter kept sinking to the bottom of the bottle. I had to keep capping and shaking to spread it out.


  1. This is lovely. It's like a little bottle of treasure. Even though it's not a lot for 2 coats, I thinks it's a nice effect. Some glitters are waaaayyyy to crowded on the nail but this is 'subtle' and suited to everyday wear rather than 'in your face'.

  2. Thank you. I agree that some of the glitters are just way too in your face, especially to wear to work. This one was nice and subtle and easy to take off as well (that's always a plus)


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