Thursday, July 12, 2012

OPI Pompeii Purple

Today I have to show you one of my favorites if not THE favorite of all the polish I have. Its OPI Pompeii Purple. She is a beauty. More a pink than a true purple, this hot pink has this deep purple shimmer that makes it look like she's glowing from within. I always get so many compliments when I wear this polish. The formula is also beautiful on this one. I really have never had any problems with OPI polishes. OPI is  the brand that started it all for me. They dry relatively fast and usually don't even need a top coat (though I always use one anyways) and they always seem to have great collections...except for the NY Ballet disappointment for me. It was just way too bland. So not the case with ompeii Purple. What do you think? A winner in my book.

2 coats of Pompeii Purple with 1 coat of OPI topcoat and 1 coat of Sally Hansen InstaDri

Can you see it glowing?

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