Sunday, September 2, 2012

15 Follower Giveaway

Okay so I decided to change my giveaway from 25 to 15 followers. Once I hit 15 followers I will post the Giveaway rules and what the prizes will be. I'm excited to get things going. I know in the blogger world 15 followers is not a lot but each one means a lot to me. I am honored and overjoyed that others WANT to read my blog.
Why did I start blogging? Well, Let me tell you that a few years ago I would never have even thought that I would ever be into my nails like I am now. I was the type to go to the salon a few times a year maybe and get acrylics or go for a pedi. I never really paid much attention to the whole world of polish and beauty products until recently. My fascination with polish and doing my nails came about after googling nail art and tutorials out of boredom. I was amazed at what so many people were able to do themselves so I dug deeper and came across a nail blog, The Polishaholic. I was so impressed at how far she had come in the blogging world and her blog became my inspiration to start my own. Even if I had no followers, I wanted to document my manis and polish collection like an online diary. I now follow A LOT of blogs and have learned so much. Though I'm still a noob at this and am still working on my little space on the net, I am glad to have you with me to watch my blog grow to its potential. Just want to say Thanks!

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