Sunday, September 9, 2012

OPI Unfor-greta-bly Blue

Hello! I'm sorry I'm posting so late today. I was at my mom's house today cooking and baking. I also took yesterday off so I could volunteer at a Ride For The Cure. I lost a close friend to cancer last year so it means alot for me to be able to contribute to the cause in some way.
On another note,  my hand is doing better though it is sore. Considering my nails were bruised, I decided to paint my nails with Unfor-greta-bly Blue. It's a very opaque, metallic blue. With a little care, it could have easily been a one coater. I used two. I also had no issue with brush strokes. I really liked everything about this polish.

Only 2 followers until I hit 15! Once I get there, my GIVEAWAY will go up!


  1. Beautiful color on you!

    Poor bruised nails though, ouchie!

    Healing wishes to you!


    1. Thanks :) They do feel somewhat better. Just have that bruised feeling however the color is pretty interesting. I wonder if there is a polish the color of a healing bruise...leave it to me to think of it. LOL

  2. This is a great blue polish! I have to get some polishes from the Germany collection!

    1. When I saw the press release I knew I had to have it.

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