Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glitzology: Blue Lagoon

I'm on a roll with these late postings, huh? I almost forgot that I had the most gorgeous glitter bomb to show you today. It's called Blue Lagoon by Glitzology. Everytime I hear the name I think of the movie. I thinks its with Brooke Shields. Anyways, Blue Lagoon is an amazing mix of aqua blue, some silver and golden glitters of varying sizes/shapes. This polish has made it to my favs list. The formula was a bit thick and chunky but that just made the glitter payoff perfect. I layered it over Essence: Jacob's Protection. I'm sure it would be opaque in a few coats on its own but it might get too thick since there's soooo much glitter.

Blue Lagoon
1 coat over Essence Jacob's Protection
1 coat of topcoat (it might benefit from the use of Gelous or multiple layers of topcoat)

Glitzology can be found on etsy. Stacy is always having awedsome sales. Right now she has 50% off all her polishes.
**This product was purchased by myself for my own personal enjoyment :)


  1. Oh this is pretty! Love the combo!

    1. Thanks. It looks like water...or at least an abstract of water. Everytime my daughter sees that macro pic of the bottle she yells "NEMO!!!!"


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