Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I found in the $1 Bin at Target

My sister in I were in Target a while back doing some Christmas shopping and I stumbled upon this as we walked in the store. 

It has no name or you can see it simply says NAIL POLISH on its label (how original...)
My sister was aghast that I would even consider looking at them but I saw this beautiful teal/green metallic. I had to give it a try. I mean, come on it's only $1. The formula was a bit sheer at first but it built up nicely without any issues. I was pleasantly surprised.  The color is a bit more teal IRL. This is 4 coats with topcoat.


  1. Oh wow that's gorgeous!! And only $1? Damn that's a steal LOL you woulda seen me walking away with a truckload haha beautiful nails lady!! :)

    1. LOl. I would have walked away with a truckload too but they only had a few colors. I wish they had them there more often.


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