Monday, January 28, 2013

Pure Ice:Five-Some

Hi guys. Is everyone doing well? I hope so. My little princess is sick and had me up all night cleaning vomit and washing bedding and running her to the bathroom. Poor baby, now that I am to the point of near delirium from lack of sleep, she is finally sleeping peacefully next to me as I write up this post. Today I have a Pure Ice polish to show you called Five-Some. It is a black base packed with mainly pink, blue & yellow microglitter. It's very reminiscant of butterLondon The Black Knight. The formula was very thick and wanted to get gloopy. With 3 careful coats, I was able to get smooth coverage.

Pure Ice Five-Some
3 coats with topcoat

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  1. Interesting polish! I don't normally go for black but this one is making black interesting.


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